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How It's Done 

Often referred to as hand laid this system sees the aggregate blended within the resin prior to application and is trowelled to a smooth level finish. Design elements such as logos or numbers can be incorporated into the finished area by using contrasting stone colours to create the desired finish.

This method relies on the aggregate and the resin being agitated together in mixer, and then spread over the prepared base with hand floats, screeding bars and trowels. This type of application ensures an adequate thickness is applied to the entire area and is a fairly common method of application.

The above systems ensure that the resin sets relatively quickly in most cases within 60 minutes. This means that the resin and aggregate need to be applied correctly with smoothing out and levelling carried out prior to the resin setting and becoming too stiff to manipulate.

Given the makeup of resin and the dried aggregates used manufactures guides to moisture and temperature must be adhered to or the product could be damaged and discoloured during the laying process.

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